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2030-07-23 11:59 pm
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For the most part

I tend to talk about just daily thoughts and goings on anyway - I'd feel best if we'd talked a bit somewhere before adding me. So if not~ would you be so kind as to give me a heads up if you do?

Paldies. ♥
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2011-12-25 08:05 pm
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2011-04-23 12:04 pm
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Friends Cut

I actually did it last week while cleaning out some comms, too, but I never got around to saying so. If you've been cut and want to stay, please ask - comments are screened.

Otherwise feel free to remove me back, and I'll be wishing you well. It's been nice. ♥
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2010-11-17 06:17 pm

Crook of my good arm

 I'm restless but listless and I spent forever trying to fix a candle.

I saw The Kid a while ago and smiled a lot  even after getting squished today (how did she trip - seriously - ) 

This shall be my ramble place, as I do not have a twitter, a-ha
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2010-11-09 03:21 pm

jfc this is why kites are the best

Magical as it is idk how safe that would be to try, aha
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2010-11-07 09:28 pm

Idle thoughts

I seriously had no entry...? I could have sworn I did.
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2010-04-08 07:37 pm

Hey Fondue

cute panda rage for you )

I can't wait 'til I can make a real entry again... especially about Canada, aaa ;; ♥
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2010-02-13 07:57 pm

[Art Post] This is for tomorrow

What: US\Russia; Some... thing for Valentine's Day. Drawing a blank here.
Consider: Shirtless nations and mild presence of an organ... not much

In my headcanon he has stiches, all along there )

Btw f-list, still working on those meme requests, I'm just a slowpoke.... ;w;
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2009-11-03 06:20 pm

But it's NOT over YET

For [profile] morte_dolce~=u=

Sit around kids and listen to me ramble.
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2009-09-28 03:44 pm
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2009-01-14 03:25 pm
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2007-11-07 09:35 pm


Today, I had the sudden need for dinosaur pants.
As in lounge pants with dinosaurs all over 'em. Preferably green.
I was to lazy to comb through the mall's wares, so I thought I'd search for some....
But I didn't find any! Not any for anyone my age, anyways....
Perhaps I'll just have to make my own....